Iconic Danish architecture and behind the scenes of our first OMHU shoot.


The very first Campaign shoot for OMHU was shot at Konventum, an iconic conference center along the north coast of Copenhagen.

Konventum is a village-like training and conference center built for the Danish Confederation of Trade Unions, with the ambition to share knowledge, learning and social interactions. 

Konventum seen from above

The architects behind this ambitious structure is Jarl Heger, Ebbe and Karen Clemmensen. Their goal was to create a building that would sit within the landscape, lying in staggered rows between green slopes. They were inspired by Spanish Medieval villages and Japanese building traditions.

The aim was to create an almost invisible transition between the outside and the inside. Modernism and simple Scandinavian functionalism is dominant everywhere and is expressed with few, rustic and robust materials. Wood, concrete, tiles and bricks dominate. 

The building was inaugurated on 28th May 1969. It's a unique place and landmark of danish architecture.  

Konventum LO Skolen

This video below shows footage from behind the scenes of our A/W2022 shoot during a hot summer day in August.