OMHU /ɒmˈhuː/Meaning: to look after with care.

Founded in 2021, OMHU is a Danish knitwear label that prizes function, comfort, and sophisticated design. Born in Denmark and made in the UK, OMHU mindfully crafts long-lasting pieces that become the hero items of a wardrobe.

The brand is designed by Danish founder, Lin Routhe. After training at the Royal Danish Academy of Design, Lin went on to work in fashion houses in New York and London before establishing her own brand. A culmination of her experience, OMHU knitwear has clear design values; simple and bold, with easy-to-style silhouettes and block colours that are further elevated by a contemporary fits and thoughtful details. Paying homage to her home, each piece in the collection is named after a Danish Island.

On the collection, Lin says:

“OMHU is based around the idea of a core collection. I try and design hero items that I want to go back to time and time again. My goal is to responsibly make knitwear that is treasured, feels like home and gets better each time you wear it. Importantly, in tandem with this feeling of comfort, I want my designs to emit a sense of elegance with a subtle nod to considered luxury in someone’s everyday wardrobe.”