All of our garments are designed at our studio in South London. We work with a small factory based in Leicester to develop the samples and produce a limited quantity of each style. 

Working at a modest scale and closely with the manufacturers ensures higher quality control standards and more environmentally responsible production volumes. We are proud to support local UK manufacturing, working with partners that combine the latest knitwear technologies with the traditional craftsmanship techniques that have prevailed for centuries.

Leicester Factory

All our knitwear is fully fashioned meaning: each piece of the garment is knitted separately and then linked together by hand and hand-finished. This process, though time-consuming allows us to produce garments that are far more flexible and durable.

Fully Fashion and linking

All waste from production is gathered and repurposed along the way. The OMHU hand warmers are made from leftover yarn from each season's production, including faulty panels that can be unravelled and reused. 

Across the brand’s entire supply chain, everyone is paid above a local living wage.