From sheep to sweater – our Icelandic wool

Just north of Iceland’s capital, Reykjavík – which simply means “Smoky Bay” – a 130-year-old yarn factory and spinning mill is located, providing OMHU with high-quality yarns for our knitwear line. As the name suggests, the area is a geothermal hot spot speckled with hot springs, with steam rising from the grounds and naturally warm rivers dividing the magnificent landscape. Operating on sustainable energy, this family-run business processes 99% of Iceland’s wool, with a strong dedication to animal welfare and environmentally friendly practices. 
For over 1000 years, the sub-arctic climate and isolation has given the Icelandic wool a distinctive character. As a breed, the Icelandic Sheep is unique. Protected by centuries of isolation since the first Viking settlers brought livestock to the island, the wool it produces remains unmatched.
There are 400-500.000 sheep in Iceland, which makes up just a bit more than the total human population. Most Icelandic sheep are shorn twice a year, once during fall and once in the spring. The Icelandic wool is dual-coated with a combination of inner and outer fibers, which naturally creates lightweight, water-repellent and highly breathable wool yarns. 
OMHU knitwear relies on the incredibly rich qualities of authentic Icelandic wool. Completely mulesing-free and with a minimum use of colorants and detergents, our knits contain natural oils from the wool fleece – made to last you a lifetime. 
Harsh Icelandic weather has made the wool a vital source for people for centuries and to this day it provides a natural shelter from tough conditions all year round. The wool fleece is sourced directly from Icelandic farmers, who altogether own 80% of the company. After washing and cleaning, the wool fleece undergoes a gentle treatment at the spinning mill, ensuring premium yarns which fulfill the OEKO 100 standard and REACH regulation.